Anomalistic / NTFT / The Endless Knot


Alkhimia Records

Aeromancer is the brainchild of Invid Mind and Samyaza, hatched during our travels together across Europe, California, and South America. Each track is inspired by the stories of the places we've been and the experiences we've endured together. We are pleased to present our transcendental tales to you, and we welcome your induction thereof.


Anomalistic Records / Horrodelic Records

Just bouncing around the world bring darkness with me

Cosmic Vision


Manny will be joining us creating amazing deco just like this shot of the recent Goa Gil Event in May 2022

Defcon Uno

Subterranean Dwellers

DJ Goldilox

StarSeed Psytrance

With a degree in Media and Performing Arts from Massachusetts College of Art, DJ Goldilox aka Goldie Sirois began her music career in the Industrial band D.D.T. in Boston back in 1991. Starting out at Sister SF in 1997, she has been DJing around the world ever since with gigs in Egypt, Ireland, Mexico, Guatemala, California, and Oregon. Her and husband DJ Aluxes/Kukulkan organize Star Camp/Metempsychosis and Friends of Goa Gil/Goa Gil Digital Darshan events with StarSeed Soundsystem. DJ Goldilox and her husband Kukulkan run the label called StarSeed Psytrance (starseedpsytrance.bandcamp.com) and both have many recent releases.


Kamakhya Records, Pelorum Records, Seattle Psy Ops

Josh Landry has been part of the PNW psytrance scene since 2014 as a resident for Seattle Psy Ops. His productions appear on Kamakhya Records, Pelorum Records and Geomagnetic. His greatest love is full power music with adequate depth and complexity.


Blooming Minds Records, The Endless Knot, Samana Records, Labyrinthine Crew, Anomalistic Records

The man stared. Five crystal cubes were melting in a pool of fire as his eyes widened with joy. The flames towered over him in response to his sacrifice, pushing his tired body to the ground. He had been trapped in these woods for an eternity, scouring the dirt for five powerful artifacts in desperate attempts for knowledge. Ancient legends had led his soul on a path towards almost certain insanity, but finally his journey ended under the roars of an ancient portal covered in vines. The cubes disappeared into the earth and the flames vanished. Above, the moon shattered the darkness around him with a shining, welcoming light. From the glistening doorway, EkimSkriD emerged with a powerful grin. The thick forest around them glowed violently, laughing and chanting as the ritual commenced. The strange figure leaned towards the adventurer and chattered frequencies into the air, creating a brilliant symphony of pure, passionate sound. As the trees danced amongst the birth of new vibrations, the powerful being reached out his hand and said, “come, let me take you on a journey”. You, reader, listener, and friend, are a traveler through EkimSkriD's land. Here, you will discover the unknown, expanding your mind with incredibly engulfing sound worlds. The opportunity that lies before you is the result of extreme dedication and hard work from a talented and unique individual. If you take the time to listen, you will gladly want to stay in this incredible, new reality. Close your eyes or get up and dance, a completely different experience awaits…



Cascadia PsyScouts

Entropic is the psytrance project and DJ name of Jonathan Snyder. Jon has been mixing psytrance for about 5 years and has been involved with music production in various forms for over ten. Entropic strives to tell or create a story with each DJ set, while listening to the energy of the space and the dancefloor and adapting to the musical needs of the environment.


StarSeed Psytrance

Born in the US and somehow ended up in beautiful Mount Shasta. Music is medicine so let's get medicated.

Phoxdye / Phoxii


Brace thine eardrums for an unprecedented battering the likes of which hath never been witnessed before as Phoxii returns from the depths of pandemic-induced psychosis to bring you the very cutting edge in pseudo-psytrance 300BPM polka gestures! Don’t forget to bring your cashiers checks as Phoxii dives deep into your consciousness and installs ransomware! Pay me $25,000 in bitcoin by 12:00PM or you’ll never be able to open your third eye again, hippie! Your DMT won’t save you this time.

Greg on Earth

on3earth Media

Hebert Quain

Absolut Shit Records

Herbert Quain began dj'ing and producing in the early 2000s with Fugu Trance in Texas. He went on to create Absolut Shit Records to release and promote atypical psytrance and psytrance related music. His dj sets focus on non-formulaic but still danceable tracks.

Invid Mind

Alkhimia Records

Invid Mind is the alter ego of Nancy Molina from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Inspired by video game sounds and computer noises, she seeks to make her own unique mark in the psytrance world. She has played all around the world and has released 4 albums as well as countless tracks on compilations. Invid Mind will blast you into another dimension all of her own.

Kek Heh

Blooming Minds / Twenty Five Records


Noisekulkt / Zenon Records

Since 2010, KROMAGON has pursued the vision to uncover the true essence of Dark Progressive, thus defining a new era of the genre. By 2012, KROMAGON was recognized by the internationally-renowned label Zenon Records, becoming the very first label artist in the USA. Since then, he has been eagerly received by some of the most prestigious events world-wide like Boom Festival, Modem, Freqs Of Nature, and Masters of Puppets. He delivers deep journeys with driving basslines using surgically technical precision and undeniably crisp production. The listener cannot resist but to be spellbound by the grimly psychedelic sound effects and intoxicated by neo-apocalyptic atmospheres. You’ll undoubtedly hear the underlying influences of alternate styles like metal, industrial and electronic genres such as EBM and old school tech-trance. KROMAGON invites a new era of dancers to accompany him on a journey through a futuristic and introspective soundscape. With his ability to provide serious mental stimulation and energetic movement, listeners may invigorate their psyche, opening hidden portals within themselves and the dance floor. KROMAGON truly evokes an unparalleled rapturous psychedelic experienced. NIKROMA (Nic Aragon) has been DJing and producing original tracks since 2006 that continue to push the limits of deep swampy psy-tech into a new realm. A regular feature at Moontribe and West Coast festivals, NIKROMA takes us on a trip into the unknown with the powers of a psychedelic force-field, and back again with his steady commitment to the honest groove. NIKROMA has been a label DJ and Rep for Zenon Records since 2011. KROMAGON is Nikoma's other project focusing on mainly DARK PROG. The NIKROMA project will continue to focus on the Psychedelic side of both Techno and Progressive House.


StarSeed Psytrance

Kukulkan is the Hi-Forest/Rain-Forest/Darkpsy project of Brian McMillan (Dj Aluxes). Utilizing forest and jungle samples and atmospheres taken from sacred sites around the world to activate and upgrade DNA. Steeped in Pyramid technology, lost knowledge and sacred ceremonies, Kukulkan will awaken the Dragon StarSeed DNA and guide the trancer within to connect with the organic technology and higher, or lower, realms.

Lali Shyama

Pelorum Records

With her roots in jungle music, Lali dedicated herself to turntablism and experimenting on Ableton over 10 years ago. Recently she has been seduced by the dark side of psychedelic music, finally uniting her with the sound she has always craved. The translation of her alias reflects her musical style, Lali; playful, Shyama; darkness.


Blooming Minds Records

Formerly a part of FREAKS of NATURE, Oregon , USA. Manifest is a solo project. Over the last 23 years, he became a pioneer in the NW psytrance scene, DJing / playing live across America. Further exploring the boundaries of mind bending music and causing dancers world-wide to Freak in Nature. After a ten year break from music, Manifest heard the calling to return to his roots in psytrance music. Manifest has been released under and associated with the following world record labels such as: Pelorum records, Absolute Shit, Avatar records, Xexify records, Tantrum music. Currently Manifest is joining the Blooming Minds team.


O.V.N.I Records

Marambá is the psychedelic trance project created by João Alexandre, a biologist, neuroscientist and musician based in São Paulo - Brazil. With the goal of presenting a set which represents a full psychedelic experience, Marambá merges sounds of nature with digital textures, traveling across the obscure intensity of Darkpsy to reach the melodic dawn of Hitech. In 2022, the project completes 10 years of activity and it has played in many countries around the world such as Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Portugal and Uruguai. Nowadays, Marambá is part of the casting of Season Bookings (Brazil) and OVNI Recs, one of the most prolific labels of Hitech. #maramba #sbagency #ovnirecs #100porcentoBR

Mexican Armada

Blooming Minds

Mexican Armada is the side project of Yoshua Em and Kek Heh. It all started back on January 2017 when they started working on a track by the same name. It was till the end of 2019 when they begin working on new music under the name of Mexican Armada.

Mirror | Me

Painted Chaos

Transmissions and Incantations for the Body, Mind, and Spirit. An Invitation into the Outer Realms / and Inner Depths. Mirror | Me is the music and arts project of Antoni G. Since its inception in 2011, he has released several boundary-pushing albums, toured worldwide with his music, and organized many music production workshops for students under the educational platform- Portal Workshop.


PsyberTribe Records / Pralayah Records

Devoted to music and event production, Nicolo has become a vital creative force in California arts and music culture. His curiosity for haunted attractions and scenery allowed him to begin working as a special effects artist in his youth. These skills contribute to his flare for behind the scenes event production and environmental design. In 2005, Nicolo established Psybertribe Records which has allowed him to cultivate a thriving musical community on the West Coast dedicated to delivering fresh psychedelic creations. He is currently working hard to produce new EPs and compilations for the talented artists on his label. Over the last 20 years, Nicolo has built a reputation for throwing successful gatherings across the Bay Area, such as his renowned annual beach gathering and monthly R3V!v@l events in Santa Cruz. Nicolo’s personal musical style lies on the darker side of the psychedelic spectrum; he brings a deep, daring forest sound to inspire his audiences and keep the dancefloor pulsing and alive. Nico puts his whole heart into nourishing the local psytrance scene, with not only his mysterious psychedelic treats, but with the intention to heal, inspire and connect tribes from all around the world.

Oneiros Project

StarSeed Psytrance

The symbiotic relationship between sleep and waking states is often understated in modern society. When cultivating a connection with dream realms, we can unlock keys and messages from past, present and future. Oneiros Project plays with the concept of the blurred line between dreams and reality. Visions and experiences beyond common explanation are used to fuel creativity. Inspired by the moon, the sun and the stars, the way light shines upon the trees, the water and the earth. There is much to be in awe and reverence of.

Panties the Clown

Cascadia PsyScouts / Pelorum Records

pantiestheclown’s journey into music manipulation begun at the ripe age of 14. His early years were spent as a competing turntablist spinning Hip Hop & iLLBiENT, eventually moving into Breakbeats & Hardcore / Gabba. Adopted by GOA in the late 90’s, this fucker has been antagonizing trance floors for well over 20 years. Instrumentalizing anything he can plug into a mixing board including but not limited to turntables, CD decks, synthesizers, EFX units and digital interfaces, he crafts a dance floor strictly meant for working shit out. Using unsound & unorthodox methods, pushing boundaries, testing limits and operating without rules are the core foundation of his madness. When the chaos engine ignites, the portal opens and you find yourself wondering “should I dance or throw up?”, be sure to remind yourself………..He’s just a fucking clown.


Those People, NC

Razing Prophet

Ek' Records / Pleiadian Records

Razing Prophet arrives with the visions of the future and deliver them to the people. As one of the masterminds behind Libelula Collective and sonic shaman of Ek'Records and Secret Vision, he has been dedicated to spreading the prophecies for the past 14 years through musical soundscapes derived from the light hidden in a distant future and the dark possibilities of alternate realities with deck and mixer as his weapon. This mission has taken the prophecies to lands afar including the west states of New Mexico, Arizona, California & west Texas as well as various cities in Mexico. From the northern lands of Baja California, Sonora & Chihuahua to the southern territories of Guerrero and the sacred lands of the ancient mayas in Chiapas, his travels have brought him to deliver auditory messages with other sonic elders such as Psykovsky, Necropsycho, Yoshua E.M, Xikwri Neyrra, Audiopathik, Kashyyyk, Noise Gust, Traxon, Demonizz among others. The journey continues for the Razing Prophet, bringing the prophecies to the next gathering of tribes to deconstruct the egos, bring the listeners to base level, and reconstruct from the ground up. A mission to guide the people away from the dark reality and shift fate towards the bright future.


Anomalistic Records

Samyaza is the psytrance project of Bobby B from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Having started multi-tracking electronic music at the age of 14, he followed soon after by learning Logic software to create electronic music. Following this passion, he was able to study studio production, sound engineering, sound design and synthesis, and dance music production. After going to raves and electronic music events, he came to appreciate the beauty, emotional range, and freedom to experiment within the dark psytrance format. So, in 2010 Samyaza project was born and became the main outlet for his creativity. Samyaza continues his research, always striving to be on the cutting edge of audio quality and creative sound design while creating a moving artistic vision within a solid dance music package.

Sentient Number Six

Postmodern Music

Sentient Number Six is the darkpsy project of Matthew Martinez, who was born in the USA near Washington, DC in 1992. His production style is characterized by deep, ominous basslines, immersive, layered atmospheres, and a uniquely designed palette of organic and synthetic leads. Now based in Asheville, North Carolina, Matthew has found a home within the Forest Frequency crew, putting on and performing at Darkpsy events along the East Coast.


Dream Crew Records

Rosie AKA Serendipity was born into a very musical family. There was always a song being sung or an instrument being played in her house for as long as she can remember. Her early ventures in music included musical theatre, cello, and flute. And during her teenage years she studied classical and flamenco guitar. Her explorations in music lead her to realize her love for rhythm and dance oriented music and she began listening to underground electronic music of all genres as a young adult. In 2006, she began collecting vinyl and learning how to navigate on a pair of Technics. She continued to learn and develop her skills over the years, with a short break to become a mother in 2013. In 2014 she joined the Star Camp Shasta crew based out of Northern California, and realized that she had found her musical home in psytrance. Her love for the culture has driven her to be an active participant in event production and organization and she has played a key role as a crew member of Star Camp Shasta’s annual festival. As her DJ career has gradually gained momentum, she can often be found blasting dance floors on the west coast USA, and even Mexico on occasion. Most recently she has begun to venture into the world of music production, and is gradually learning how to navigate the studio world. The journey is never over, and in the spirit of serendipity, she is always enthusiastic to learn and grow as an artist through her experiences and discoveries along the way.


Psybertribe Records / StarSeed Psytrance

Since 2009 Skuzzo has dedicated himself to pushing psychedelic trance to the very edges of dark experimentation. Harnessing a genre-bending style which fuse Hi-tech and Psycore, Skuzzo has birthed a unique creation which has been dubbed by his fans: hi-core. When Skuzzo hops on the decks, his unique sounds stir up the dancefloor into a high energy ritual. He has graced stages across North American and continues to stretch the boundaries of music with his passionate drive and endless creativity that he brings to all of his endeavors.


Cascadia Psyscouts / Hella Frosty Units

Vox Fabri

Anomalistic / Twenty Five Records

Vox Fabri is a darkpsy , experimental psychedelic project created by a hungarian producer and sound designer Török Mihály . His music is always deep and raw with some cinematic/horror aftertouch . If he is not in his studio and crafting wild beats , then he is shaking the dancefloore in countrys like : Hungary , Czech Republic , Poland , India , Ireland , Usa or Mexico (and the list goes on )!

Vox Funky

Blooming Minds Records

Fox Funky is a side project of Vox Fabri

Yoshua E.M.

Blooming Minds / Twenty Five Records

Add team member description here. Remove the text if not necessary.


Sacred Macabre Crew / Twenty Five Records

Coming from Nashville, Tennessee, Znataraja stumbled across the darker side of psychedelic trance in 2012. As a guitarist and fan of heavy metal, she instantly developed a deep passion for the genre and since 2015 has been blasting darkpsy and psycore for crowds throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Recently she joined forces with Iwazaru Records (US) as a label DJ and also represents Twenty-Five Records (MX), Atrium Obscurum (US/MX), and Scared Evil Records (DE). In addition, she is the founder of the US-based record label and collective, Sacred Macabre Crew, coordinating music events within her area and releasing top artists from around the world. Znataraja is currently in the early stages of her production project and is also working on upcoming various artist compilations for her collection.


Anomalistic Records / Pelorum Records / Good Mood Promotion

Zorin is a trance DJ residing in the body of Alex Povidailo. When Zorin gets on the decks he creates a trip. Zorin has been a psychedelic dj since 2002, collecting and playing the most psychedelic tunes he can find for people around the west coast. Zorin is known for great djing skills and creating a special atmosphere on the dance floor when the reality melts, the consciousness rises, the mind opens up and the body can’t stop dancing. Alex and Zorin both love to party and listen to TRANCE music – that is what makes them best friends. Alex is also a visionary artist drawing black light activated hallucinations, sacred geometry and optical illusions. Alex is originally from Daugavpils, Latvia but relocated to Vancouver, BC Canada and more recently to Portland, Oregon. USA.

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